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asurion sucks big time, i sent in my xbox 360 to be repaired many times and they fixed it temporarily only to have it die 1-2 weeks of using it. they are the worst company every because their workers are incompetent and dont know how to fix it.

my xbox 360 stopped reading disks so i sent it to asurion to have it repaired but after they fixed it, my xbox died 1 week later because of red rings.

after they repaired it a second time the xbox 360 kept freezing up and then ended up with the red rings again. it has been the same ever since.

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:( I am dealing with asurion for the second time. I have been sent 4 phones in the last two weeks, all of them ***.

I contacted my carrier and was not happy with the response.

So, I contacted my lawyer and was told i can cancel my contract with my carrier since they refuse to allocate a sufficient phone that does not work. When Sprint allows this they too are at fault.


I have sent my PSP to them several time and one of those times they just switch it's cover thinking I wouldn't know the difference.


Son has a blackberry that recieved water damage. Called ATT.

Asurion handles giving you a replacement phone if you pay your 4.99 month insurance premium. After giving them detailed notorized documents verifying the purchase of the damaged phone and sending this paperwork Priority Mail I was told it would now take two days to authenticate and approve the phone replacement. So even though you pay 4.99 a month you also have to send your photo id, original receipt, notorized documentation as to the cause of then problem, and then talk to incompetent employees who do not know how to look up a United States delivery confirmation numbers. These diversionary tactics are OUTRAGEOUS.

This is all a hoax to collect your premium and frustrate you to the point of buying a new phone instead of using the insurance.



I sent my PS3 in due to the yellow light of death. After waiting for asurion to fix it for over 2 weeks, they sent it back to me only for it to crash AGAIN a day later.

I sent it back in for another 2 weeks, and now I got my PS3 back once again. Only this time, every disc I put in the machine gets covered in some kind of oily substance. No joke, I put a perfectly clean disc into the machine, and it comes out of the maching looking like I smeared pizza grease all over it.

What the *** are these people doing over there? Whatever it is, it sure isn't fixing game consoles.


Chris, is this true? I've sent my Xbox 360 to them three times since October for the same overheating (half-red ring) problem, and it just happened again last night.

Is there really such a policy, and will they mention this when I call yet again for another mailing label?



Lemme help you guys out. I just got my PS3 repaired for the THIRD time.

Of course, it doesnt work right out of the box. Asurion has a little policy called "No Lemon" after three repairs, a "senior technician" will review the console, and if they cant fix it, then they must either buy the console back at retail price, or give you a BRAND new console.

If they try and talk you out of the policy, keep pushing. They have to legally honor it.


I am now going to have to call them back and send in the device for the 4th time! Each time it works for 3-4 days and then craps out.


The best thing to do is since Asurion probably won't fix the Xbox at all, sell it the Gamestop or something, get store credit, and come up with the other hundred or so to get the arcade like Carter said.


This is ***. I sent my 360 in and got it back but it wouldn't read discs and i got two red lights after 2 HOURS of playing.

Probably going to wind up buying an Arcade from Wal Mart. Anyone have $200 I can have?


i sent my laptop in to get my hard drive replaced, and i when i got it back the screen was shattered, so i filed a claim with asurion about the screen and they told me i had to file a claim with ups.

i called ups and filed a claim, they came and picked up and had to do an inspection, when i called ups to check the location of my laptop they still had it, after a whole month of investigation and said they couldnt give me any more information on the status because it was under asurions tab with ups. so i called asurion to check the status and they said that i was the one who needed to talk to ups.

after 2 months of dealing with their BS workers who say they will do something but then dont i got my laptop back, and they didnt even touch the screen.its still shattered, so when i called today they said that they are filing a claim and i will either get a replacement laptop or a check...i better not be getting a refurb.

their workers must be the dumbest people ever. i like polite people on the phone, but i want someone polite who knows what the *** theyre doing.

when i first sent in my laptop they said it would only take at the most 2 weeks..and now its been 10 weeks.


These jokers have made me send my unit back to them for the 3rd time to fix the same 2 left red lights, and each time I've received my 360 back it runs for about 2 days before crashing again! They will not replace it because they have to TRY to give them a chance to honor their crappie 90 day warranty they claim to have after the initial repair.


same dude this is the fourth time why would they send back a broken xbox anyways this is *** rediculous im gonna sue them if its not fixed this time


Asurion has as many problems as my xbox 360. This will be the fouth time having it repaired in the last year.(red lights and it won't read disks)


I wish i had known how shady asurion is before I sent it. Its messed up that xbox sends our stuff their way.

What are we supposed to do when are 360's *** out if the place they are sending them screws them even more!!?? Is there any way to send it to xbox if it is covered only under the extended warranty?


Asurion sent me a replacement phone on behalf of Sprint. I received my phone and took it to Sprint to get it activated only to find out that it had a spot in the middle of the screen that resembled an oil slick.

The person who activated my phone @ Sprint said it was nothing to worry about and that as long as it worked properly Asurion would not send another to replace it. "The cosmetics of the phone are not important." is what she said. I agree, I don't care if my phone I get is not shiny and new as long as it works, however having someone else's facial oils on my face is kind of disgusting. Asurion sent me a refurbished phone that was not in the best of conditions and I accepted it because it worked.

The phone worked for about 7 days then began to freeze. When I called to tell them the phone was not working they charged me another deductible, counted it as a claim and told me all I had was 7 days to notify them of faulty equipment.

Really? so now I'm a phone tech? If I was a phone tech and had the ablity to know that this phone was going to die wouldn't that make me a phsycic too?

That is not my job, their phone techs sent out a faulty piece of equipment with visible damage and I was left to pay for their mistake.

Substandard service is unacceptable to me and if and when I receive it, I would expect to have THEIR error corrected. Asurion is not only penalizing me for their mistake, but they won't even admit wrong doing. Asurion is ridiculous.

If this is the type of service they provide, they should be labeled thiefs for stealing. They do not provide the service they should and I don't know why Sprint deals with them.


The procedures that Asurion takes will only harm you console. They do preform the screw mods but they do not run the so called 16 point inspection that they claim. When your unit arrives it is checked by a "tech" then that tech either "fixes it" or makes the decision to send it back to you so you can send it to Microsoft. The procedures with the RROD or E74 are the same. They disassemble the unit. They were placing 951 flux under the GPU and CPU but now are using a rosin based flux. The rosin flux can and will destroy your unit. Its sticky residue that is left behind will build up dust and debris eventually rendering your unit unrepairable. Once the flux is place under the gpu and cpu they heat it with a heat gun. This has two ill effects. One it cause board warp that breaks solder joints under the processors. Two, excessive heat will destroy the structure of the processors. They know that this is happening, but have refused to stop. If your unit works after reassembly they do a small test on it 5 to 10 minutes of game play then it is sent back to you.

The main goal is to have your system work for at least 90 days at which point if it need to be sent back in the company gets paid again. Its all about money in the end and not your satisfaction. Asurion is not a register repair facility and have made it known that they do not want to be. The parts that they use are 3rd party re manufactured plants from china. These units would not even pass a novice inspection. Mainboard and drive come in with wire soldered to the board. These wire can catch fire. If I was you I would demand your money back and if they do not return it report them to the BBB.

The techs are trying to fix your units but they lack the proper training and skills to do so. You would be better off paying someone local at least they can use their own judgment and not be controlled by threatening management


We have had similar problems with asurion, we are about to take them to small claims court


I just sent mine in.I'm doubtful but I'm hoping it comes back repaired correctly ill update this when it gets back.


same for me they suck

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