Arvada, Colorado
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Submitted a claim for an iPhone with cracked screen, received replacement as expected. Followed Asurion instructions and returned the phone the next day after replacement arrived.

About a month later I got notified that they had not received the phone. I called and they extended the return time 2 more weeks to give it more time to arrive.. it did not. Received another notice and called customer service again, they extended again.

I asked what would happen if it just did not arrive and they would not answer. Approximately 2 weeks later I see a charge on my credit card for $300 but no other notification. Sent an email to their customer service department about the issue and to reverse the charge.

They did not answer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $300.

  • Rip-Off
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What to do in that case??? Im having the same issue


It sucks that all carriers are strongarmed into their services. Im also having issues about return equipment fees because they conveniently cant find tracking number

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