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After going back & forth 10 times and speaking to Verizon as well then a Verizon rep called asurion they could verify with my pin that I was using all day and was able to . This is more then annoying and unacceptable .

Assyrian said I didnt qualify for a claim , Verizon confirmed I did ..what a joke. Pay for coverage but spent 2 hours on the phone and got nowhere .then I was told to go to a store Terrible !!!!!!!!!!!

User's recommendation: Very very frustrating.

Location: Springfield, Massachusetts

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I called Asurion, the first call was great nice Rep set up a time for a person to bring me a replacement. In person that day !

Asked me for a review, I did, I gave her a great review! The person never showed. I called the next day another nice Rep very understanding and heartfelt for my inconvenience, she set up another time that day ,promised me a leather case for my trouble and asked me to give her a review I said no I have to wait. The guy showed up with what I guess is a refurbished phone, no leather case .

I should have just looked for a free upgrade at Verizon . In short next new phone I'm dropping insurance

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