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First I do not have a ceil phone!,but, yet my credit card was charged by this company, Asurion. My credit identity fraud alert contacted me and the credit card has been closed.

How on earth when I do not even own a ceil phone did they get my credit card information, and make 3 different $99.00 charges on August 29th.

I sure would like to know and convict the person/company that did this.

Has anyone else had this problem I sure would like to know as I am very careful about using my credit card so this disturbing at best!

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Yep and I'm in South Africa!


Just discovered two $199 charges on my cc this morning. Called my cc company to report the fraud and they will remove the charges, change my card etc etc...

HASSLE! Also called the Asurion number which showed up on my cc billing (heard the insurance claim cc charge disclaimer recording) managed to reach a live person and they wanted a bunch of personal information from me without giving me any information as to how the charges could have been applied to my card through their company's merchant account without verification. I gave my name and my phone number, my cc number. Verified that I am not 'Robert', who apparently is the phone owner that was able to use my cc to cover his deductible.

By reading the complaints below and the original posting in 2011 this has been going on for 4 years without Asurion either having to answer for their negligence and all of the hassle being caused to the victims in this crime. How is their merchant account still active, what bank is supporting this kind of negligent behavior from a business? Who is investigating this?

There is more to this story.


Had a $99 charge from Asurion Wireless in October 2014. Called the number to hear a recording saying it was the deductible for insurance on a wireless device.

Then heard hold music. Didn't expect to ever hear an operator, so hung up.

Called credit card company to dispute the charge.

They seemed to know about the Asurion scam because they picked that charge out of my monthly charges with nothing more than the description of my complaint.

Hoping to get my new card before they make any more charges to it.


Still at it = but my charges are very small. I feel lucky they only robbed me of about $15.00


i had two charges of 199 on my Amex. Fortunately they refused it but it's a real hassle to get your card replaced and all the folks you do business with have to be recontacted.


yeah i got charged 169$ from this company. the company said it was insurance from verizon phones.

but i have an AT&T phone. i have never heard of this company be careful of this company.


Just got charged today $99 on my debit card from "Asurion Wireless Ins" and the worst thing is I live in Qatar and they charged my debit card issued by a Qatar bank!! How the *** did they get my card information?

I googled this issue and it looks like Asurion is involved heavily in unauthorized or fraudulent transactions that the card holders are not aware of!! My bank now blocked my card and will replace it..

keeping my fingers crossed I get my $99 back.. Asurion is making tons of money if this has been going on for years!!


They are still at it. I was just charged today $169.00.

Who even buys wireless insurance?!!

FRAUD! My card called because they notices suspicious activity from TN and this Asurion was it.

@So Annoyed

I'm at the back right now fighting this $169 charge that hit my account. Not happy at all! Scamers!!!!


I too, are being charged $169.00 for Wireless Insurance --have NEVER had wireless insruance!


Evidently the banks have not put a stop to the fraudulent charges as I was charged 169 dollars also for something I did not buy.


I too was charged $169.00 today on a credit card I never use. I'd never heard of Asurion and certainly never purchased an insurance policy.

Luckily, BofA caught it immediately and the fraud dept contacted me to confirm the charge. Its still unnerving that someone has access to whats clearly many peoples credit card info.


It is not the company, it is an individual fraudsters using this company to file a claim and get a free phone shipped to them using your CC number.


All of these people are charged by Asurion Wireless ( including me ) and it has nothing to do with the company but individual fraudsters? That doesn't make alot of sense.

Fraudsters could use credit card numbers to get all sorts of free stuff.


Just got the same charge, $169 on a random credit card. They told me to call ATT...

this credit card is not attached to ATT. Then I was told that they do not have the access to determine why I was charged, and that there was nothing they could do about it.

I find it hard to believe that they can charge a credit card, but cannot figure out why. I am filing fraud with my credit card company, but something should be done about this


my son just had eleven $130 fraudulent charges on his debit card from this company. It was from TN.


Same thing, i had 11 130 dollars charges also, i called the company and they said they need my CC number to see whats going on???, Wells Fargo is looking into it. Insane!


They also got me today. a $99 charge on credit card on 2/14.

My boyfriend owns a cell phone repair shop, why would I buy cell phone insurance?

Chase Bank, thank God, handled it immediately! Thank you Chase!


Just had to cancel my credit card for exactly the same thing. $196.00 fraudulent

charge. No idea how this company got my info.


They got me, too - actually Sprint and Asurion together. I have almost $2,000 in charges on my business debit card between Sprint and Asurion over a 7 or 8 day period starting back on Nov 15 2012.

Still working with my bank on trying to get my money back.

I almost (with a couple exceptions) use my card at USPS (both online and in store). Scary stuff!

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