Filing a claim for a device and complaining that they got a refurbished device is natural. but not understanding what kind of terms you are agreeing with in the first place is such a wacky thing to do.

better read on the T&C's first to better understand what kind of deal you are getting. I've had no problems with Asurion because I read the T&C's first before I agree on a deal. at least I know what to expect. Don't be dumb.

take time to read. Also, try to make a research before you do something. It doesn't hurt to check on information so that you will not look dumb and ignorant on something that you agreed in the first place. Waste of time is an understatement because why the heck would you file a claim in the first place if you think its a waste of time?

We all are busy, that's true. and it'll be wiser to spend time if you know what's in store for you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Cell Phone Claim.

Reason of review: I was dumb enough not to read.

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