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I bought my iPhone 4 the day it went on sale for $99 with a new 2 yr agreement, and the sales clerk suggested insurance for the phone at $10.99 a month. It only made sense to take advantage of insurance on such an expensive and sophisticated phone, especially with two kids under the age of 5 in the house.

Fast forward 8 months and $88 later spent so far on insurance premiums. Vacation in the mountains, the iPhone gets lost in the snow somewhere. Two days of looking, no luck.

Call asurion to submit a claim and get a new iPhone sent in the mail within 2 days. They tell me i have to pay a $169 deductible.

As noted above, I paid only $99 for the phone initially, committing myself to another 2 year agreement with Verizon (cost of breaking that agreement $350), so I actually have to give up something (freedom of choice) to get the $99 price. Additionally, I have been paying $10.99 a month in insurance for this same phone, and there was no mention at the time of purchase about a deductible, the amount of such deductible, nor the availability of other options (higher premiums) in order to reduce the deductible (as is the case with medical insurance).

I will continue to wrestle with asurion and/or verizon regarding this $169 deductible, and rest assured, I will get my lost iPhone replaced without having to pay said deductible, whether they like it or not. It might be said by many that life is not fair, but it will be a cold day in *** *** if I will accept that laying down. Verizon and asurion beware: Do Not Test My Resolve

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did you ever get your new phone without that ridiculous deductible- ??


Maximus, Get in touch with Adam Moskowitz, Esq. of Miami FL. He won a class action suit in 2007 against asurion for misleading sales practices.


I had the same experience. I was told that I'd get a free replacement.

I can make 2 claims during the 2 year contract under my policy. Never told anything about any deductable. In fact, the salesman clearly stated that the replacements are free except for maybe a 15-16 dollar shipping fee.

I'm fuming at verizon for being lied to and want to take ths to court/ Who's with me?


iPhones cost something like less than $60 to manufacture, the worth isn't in the parts/manufacture but in the percieved value. Feel sorry for those who are losing hundreds


They double charged me my deductible... So $169 twice, and are in adequately investigating it.

They had ME provide them with my bank statements.

It's been a month. If I don't get my money in seven days, I'm filing suit against them.


u *** do understand the concept of insurance, right? You're not getting anything for free or any handouts - you are paying premiums for the right to keep

Your expenses down in the event that such services may be needed. MAY be needed, in that you are paying for something that you

Hopefully will never need, but you're paying nonetheless.

There are no *** handouts, and no one expects any. But fair dealing and being upfront is reflective of the ethical standards one holds as a person or a business. Yeah, boo *** hoo most companies probably don't have ethics (not if they want to be really successful), but that doesn't mean I have to accept that sad aspect of themselves, do I?

So if you want to bend over and take it instead of whining, be my guest. Just don't pretend you're being a man by doing so.


Jonesy, You are clearly an asurion ***/ This is the same lame defense they tried to use on me. I know how insurance works.

DO YOU? Any deductible is clearly stated at the time of purchasing a policy. Asurion did not do that and neither did Verizon.

I can smell another class action suit. Contact Adam Moskowitz, Esq, of Miami FL to add your name to the growing list.


People need to understand the concept of contracts. When you sign a 2 year agreement the carrier is paying the majority of the phone for you to the manufacturer.

Cell phones do not cost $200. People need to learn how this works take responsibility you are all adults. If companies gave customers phones discounted in the middle of contracts all these companies would go bankrupt because they would never make any money. Lets face it most people feel in titled and expect handouts.

There are too many people that would take advantage of this to allow this to happen for those few that are honest. So please use your head and use something called logic instead of getting upset because you think you deserve handouts...You don't.


So, you lost your "freedom of choice" by buying the iPhone? Uhh no, you traded your "freedom of choice" and extended your 2-year contract so that you could get a MASSIVE discount on the phone.

Now you're mad that you have to pay the deductible, which ATT did not tell you about, though it was undoubtedly in the paperwork, which you probably did not read.

Newsflash: Companies do not make money by giving out $400+ phones for fun. You have a right to be mad at the ATT salesman that didn't tell you about the deductible, but to whine about the fact that ATT/Asurion aren't willing to sell you an endless number of iPhones for the price of 99 dollars is just plain stupidity.


Y'all people are such complainters. .go ahead buy a phone for 100 when you.

start a contract don't add the insurance . then the week after you loose it good luck getting it for the 100. Read the small print 499 full retail value . plus the insurance is a buissness not charity how many ppl you think commit fraud claim.

something stolen or lost then get the replacement and sell on craiglist.

the one was supossly lost . you pay for other ppl


Class action sounds like the only option. I signed up for 5.99 insurance when I bought my son's rugged GZOne Brigade in 2010 and was told I would have a 45$ deductible.

My fee for insurance actually increased to 6.99 ,without a new contract just a letter saying it went up. Now the screen has cracked and I called Asurion. I am told that it will be a $99 deductible and the only thing comparable is the Commando which is a smart phone. My son's phone is NOT a smart phone.

We don't have a data package or want one. Verizon says it is a $45 deductible, but the Asurion Supervisor has told me they can do nothing. I have to pay 99$ and get a smart phone. This is ridiculous.

They won't even let me pay $45 and get a plain phone and I am NOT paying $99 for a basic phone. I paid for something I cannot use. This appears to be breach of contract to me.

I am going to Verizon, and if I don't get a response, I will be filing complaints with BBB and the Texas Dept. of Insurance.


Agree with Maximus99. I also damaged my iphone which I paid $99.

for. I also paid insurance of $8.18.month. I do have a contract that says either I will pay $49 or $99 for the deductible & not $169.00!!! I called & talked to 2 employees from Asurion & then got the ceo representative on the phone & absolutely got nowhere with him.

This should be a class action lawsuit.!!! I have read more problems with this. Same as for any appliance or anything with a warranty.

-if you bought a new washer/ dryer, do you plan to spend as much to repair it as what you paid for it & possibly more with insurance????DON'T THINK SO!!! I did write the better business bureau about this problem.


Ya'll must be nuts to think an insurance company is going to replace a $600 phone with a brand new one for $169.00!! Please don't make me laugh so hard!

You received a phone at A SUBSIDIZED PRICE. That means they discounted the price of the phone for suckers like you! If you paid MSRP for the phone, you wouldn't have a problem with the $169.00.

But as it stands, ya'll are idiots for going into a contract and paying a subsidized price for the phone. There should should be a class action lawsuit against idiots spewing stupidy like ya'll!


My daughter cracked her iphone. I agree with you they didn't inform me there would be a 169.00 deductible.

The phone only cost 199.00. Since when can an insurance company make up rules along the way? I thought I had a contract.

I am notifying the better business bureau! I am on board for a class action suit!


I am a newer customer of Verizon, since Octobr 31, 2011. When I initially went the Verizon store I thought it was going to be a good experience.

They were doing a total overhaul of the store, employees, and equipment. Ironically, the cheapest phone they had at the time was the new iPhone 4. I never really cared too much for the idea of getting an iPhone but since it was the cheapest thing they had, I had to settle for it. Well, to start off, they didnt have them in stock and it was to be mailed to me.

I was also given the option of Asurion insurance. I couldnt think of any reason NOT to get the insurance, especially since I was getting the new phone for only $99. Well, since the first week of having it, the speakers cut out when it rings and/or has crackling noises. Only one of the speakers work also.

I also bought the otterbox for added protection thinking it was smart. The phone has been dropped but one day after I picked it up and sat it on my end table, I heard a crack noise. I picked the phone up and inspected it. Took the otterbox off and found a crack running from top to bottom in the white cover UNDERNEATH the clear covering!

I dont get it but I really need to have it replaced before anything else happens to it. I do have the insurance on it but am fearing a bad headache coming on!



sooo...did you end up paying the deductible? I bet you did!


Just went through the same thing with Verizon and asurion. I claim it is a class action law suit...Since none of their documentation that the give you says the cost for a replacement is $169.00..

the brochure from Verizon says "advance phones...$99.00.. tablets $129.. but nothing about iphone 169.00. Especially since you are not getting a NEW phone but a REFURBISHED phone not worth it since if any other phone on your plan is due for an upgrade you will pay 169 for NEW why pay the insurance fees at 10 a month...

The basic warranty on the phone itself for the year covers if you phone doesn't work. what the *** are we paying for Total equipment coverage for really you are only covering if your phone gets lost or stolen use your homeowners insurance if its stolen..before the year is up.. If you pay for the two years of your contract the cost is 409 by the time you pay 169 for the replacement and the insurance at 10.00 a month Honestly if the cost of cancelling my $200.00 family plan with verizon is 350.00. Cheaper to pay to cancel plan...

I cancelled all the insurance for my work account since I always have at least one line due for an upgrade. Verizon anD asurion should rethink their cost. and we as consumers should also rethink..cheaper to cancel plans..

than continue to gt ripped off by verizon and asurion. I know i will not again..

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