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On Jan 26, 2015 I placed a claim for my daughter's stolen phone. On January 27, 2015 they shipped out a replacement device, WITHOUT a SIM Card.

I called February 1st to fix the issue, the agent assured me I filed the claim properly and it was THEIR mistake and I would have a new SIM card within 24-48 hours. I then received a couple of emails from Asurion regarding my order, and I answered the questions and again informed them that we have never received the SIM card. NO REPLY. So, today, Feb 22nd, I call again today and Terrance, the first agent very nicely and honestly informs me they never sent the SIM card out period, he apologized and would be happy to get one out & we should receive it in 5-7 business days.

NOT ACCEPTABLE, I replied, was quickly transferred to Joanne in Care Solutions, who informed me that it was MY fault that they never sent out the SIM card bc every single claim is subject to a review and after that review they will contact the principle account holder and it is then the account holder's responsibility to contact Asurion to complete the claim [that the account holder submitted]. So, she said, we attempted contact with you on Feb 1st after your call to us and you never replied so this delay was your choice, not ours. Very calmly, I asked for a copy of that exact policy be sent to me as apparently NO ONE else was aware of this policy and I had attempted 3 prior communications with Asurion and not a word about such a policy was mentioned. I then shared my confusion in that my original claim of January 26th, was processed immediately without any contact with me at all.

No one ever called, emailed, and clearly, the claim was NOT held up. She danced around sending me this written policy and finally explains that while she is happy to MAIL me a copy of their policy book, I will not find this exact policy in there. I was more confused than ever, so it is not a policy of Asurion? Yes, she emphatically replied, yes it is.

However, the written policy only states that every claim is subject to a review and does not include anything that indicates the account holder will be contacted and MUST then reply prior to the completion of the claim. I replied, with all due respect, I am really upset now as I believe you are lying and trying to cover up your failure to fulfill your contract. She continued to reiterate that this was in fact the policy and procedure and that I was the one who failed to comply by not responding to this phantom attempt to contact me as she could not tell me where or what number was used. Now, I was outright angry, not complying with their own contract and failing to properly fulfill the claim [which is not in dispute] was bad enough, horrible customer service, inexcusable but to outright lie to me and then blame me, the customer...simply intolerable behavior.

So I said, I wanted my 50.00 deductible waived as we have waited for almost 4 weeks now for you all to fulfill your contract and for that time I am still obligated to pay AT & T's bill and fees. Additionally, I pay for this insurance every month & already paid the 50.00 deductible [as they give you no choice but to add it to your bill]. I, the customer have upheld all of my financial responsibilities, filed a timely claim, filed the CORRECT claim, yet; you as a Representative of Asurion, put forth that this company has absolutely NO obligations to me, the customer. Her tone then changed to match mine and repeatedly uttered this non policy that makes this my fault.

I then asked to speak to her manager, she argued / tried to distract me thus I responded that I was going to contact the BBB, consumer affairs, and every other review I could possibly find and be certain to share my experience so to forewarn others of this blatant dishonesty, and SHE HUNG UP ON ME.

Will I ever get my daughter's SIM card?? Who knows.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Claim.

Reason of review: ALL of the above!!.

Monetary Loss: $175.

Preferred solution: My daughter is owed a free upgrade in a WORKING replacement phone, gift card compensating for the 50$ deductible, etc.

Asurion Pros: Promptly issued device, First line agents, Ease of online claim.

Asurion Cons: Being hung up on, Service delivery, Customer service, Phone service, New device broke, Being lied to.

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