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I also paid monthly for several years PLUS a $90 deduction to get a refurbished phone that stopped working after 3 weeks. I got the runaround when I tried to deal with this,.

After about 14 prompts to try and troubleshoot the problem, I was told that I would need to speak with tech support but they would send out a new phone that I would get on Monday (this was Friday AM). I was leaving on a trip and left the phone at home since I was told this. I was then told the wrong times that tech support would open by 2 different 'customer service' (and I use that term very lightly) representatives, and when I finally got in touch with tech support was told they could not send me a new phone without troubleshooting the old phone (which meant I had to have it with me). II am a physician who needs the Blackberry to receive text messages about my patients.

I spoke with a rep, her supervisor, his manager (after Verizon intervened as much as they said they could) and the warranty supervisor, and all read from the same script (using the same words) that they couldn't replace this phone unless they trouble-shot the old phone.

I offered my credit card number to pay for the old phone if there was not a problem or to reassure them that it actually was their phone that I would send back, and it made no difference.

DO NOT not waste your money on this insurance if you want to work with a 'reasonable' corporation. No matter who you spend your time speaking with, they have a party line and will not budge.

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