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I had HTC EVO 4G and broke it. I called asurion and they send me the HTC EVO 3D and I figure 'awesome upgrade'.

The phone comes to me with the rim around the screen coming off and many more issues. I call them and explain my trepidation and they say " we can replace it but you need to pay another deductable of $100". Now anger has turned to rage. I say fine what ever I have no cohoice.

They send me another busted phone and they make me pay again. I am in a law suit with them now

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buy your phones from best buy and get their insurance


yeah right i had a htc evo 4g and they sent me a htc evo 3d and it was BRAND NEW in box and they warranty is WAY better than SPRINTS cause they replaced another device I had and I paid nothing I never knew for them to ship out a damaged device and charge you again for it they warranty replaces it they did for me :grin


I hate the word limit. $300 later I finally have the phone model identical to the broken one in the first place.

Sprint was really no help in this either.

They say they can't do anything and when I asked if there was another form of insurence out there they said unfortunately no. People say they blame the phone companies for allowing it to happen and I agree to an extent but I blame the BBB more so because they don't do *** about them.

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