I accidentally took my phone in the hot tub with me. I was in there 2 beers and 20 minutes before i realized.

The ONLY good thing was that I got my phone overnight. (I got it on March 22, 2013)

The instructions say to send the old phone back within 15 days in their prepaid envelope. I sent it back within that time.

They called me every day for weeks and even sent a letter saying that they never got my phone back.

I called at least 4 times and did the *** automated instructions to enter when you sent your phone back and the response was ''if you do not hear from one of our representatives within 72 hours, then the matter is resolved''!

No one EVER contacted me (other than to call and leave an automated message telling me that I never sent my phone back, and 1 time I got a letter in the mail) so I considered that the matter was closed.


A month later, after the last (and 5th time) I did the automated thing saying that I SENT IT BACK....the *** *** took $300 out of my account out of the blue! (May 24 2013)

*** YOU and NICE TRY ASSurion! I'll be getting my money back thanks to TD BANK!!!

I have since ditched their ***, scam, *** insurance and will go with Apple Care.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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