San Carlos, California

I was charged $199 for something I had no knoweldge of.

I have Jump with my T-mobile provider which is underwritten by Asurion.

T-Mobile had a data breach in early 2018. I am just making an educated guess someone used my details, provided a credit card number, and knew I had Jump Service (insurance for loss, or a provided upgrade route) which was provided by Asurion.

Asurion representative was very helpful, assured me that the amount was already caught by their fraud department and if my case could be passed to their fraud department to further investigate.

They also recommended I contest the transaction with my bank/credit company. I lodged a fraud report with my CC company as well and also notified T-mobile.

They are just as much a victim in this case of fraud as I - so can't blame Asurion. It's understandable that they show up on your statement and that your first instinct is to blame them, but really they have been taken advantage of just as much as you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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