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I use Sprint and have been very pleased until now because of asurion. After spending 8 hours over two days searching every nook and cranny of the house and outside, I filed a claim for a lost phone only to find it 3 days later my yard.

It still worked. About an hour after finding it my replacement from asurion arrived. My phone was working and I was going to just eat the deductible. A few days later, i finally had time to start transferring data and opened the box.

I found a nice "remanufactured by asurion" sticker over the palm logo where the battery goes. Keep in my mind that my original phone is working fine. I turn on the asurion phone and everything is upside down, reads left to right, and the calibration for the touchscreen is way off. It is unusable because I can't select the right language with the faulty touchscreen.

I called asurion to tell them to give me back the $100 and I'll send back the phone because I have one that works and I do not want there faulty re-furbished ones that they proved to me aren't reliable. Why would I want to give up the one I found for one that is not of equal value and of lesser quality? If you get in a car accident in a four month old car, do you want to replace it with one that came off the salvage yard? That's why you have to return the phone, so they can re-sell it.

They just keep offering me another phone and told me they understand it's frustrating and that I was acting childish (I did cross a line at one point), but were unwilling to give me any $ back.

I told Sprint I chose to do business with Sprint and that they, not I, chose asurion and they can choose how to handle it. As a customer of 9 years with zero issues, if they treat me like this and I see a full $100 on my sprint bill for this then I'll be searching for another carrier.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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You disassembled the phone... replaced the digitizer yourself... and expect Asurion to still cover it under warranty?


Absolutely unbelievable you'd even ask them to do such a thing.


Let me tell you my assurion story. My son got a replacement, re-rurbushed phone from assurion.

Worked fine. Cost a hundred bucks. No problem. One month later, he dropped it and cracked the digitizer.

I thought, ph no. Another hundred bucks. I found the manufacturers new digitizer on amazon... 32 bucks.

Found an online video for replacing it. And whammo, it was fixed. 2 weeks later, the screen started going out. I figured I'd take it to sprint to have it serviced.

Screens are a warenty item. Digitizers are not if they're shattered. They order a new screen for me. Cool.

They get it in and tell me there is moisture damage. I know there isnt. In fact the stickers inside were all red when I opened it. There was even some corrosion on the mother board.

I call assurion, cuz now sprint says they dont cover assurion phones. Great. I tell assurion that the phone isnt water damaged, no matter what the sticker says. I told them that they need to direguard the sticker color.

I think they never changed out the stickers or motherboard from the person who sent it in before it was refurbished. The stickers were allways red. Even the one on the battery since we got it. I thoight that was the normal color.

Well, now they say they dont care. Its water damage. I think they do that on purpose so they never have to do warrenty repair, which is free, only replacement, which is 100 bucks. Sucky thing is I can tell them that the stickers were always like that because I opened it myself.

So now Im stuck having to pay 100 for a warrenty repair. Bs. I think its a scam.

Even if it didnt work or had a problem out of the box, it would have been chalked up to water damage. There was no way my sons phone would ever be able to be repaired under warrwnty.

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