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On 8/16/16 I received an email from my credit card bank, telling me that a questionable charge from AssurionWireless Insurance was denied, and asking if it should have been treated as a legitimate transaction. I'd never heard of them before, and don't have any insurance policies on anything other than my home and car. Thankfully my bank caught this before I was charged, but they also had to cancel my card and are reissuing new one, so now I have to go through all of my statements and re-link this card to any companies that I've actually authorized to post charges to it.

I have no idea how they got my credit card info; I sure as *** didn't give it to them.

Reason of review: Fraudulent charge.

Preferred solution: I want this company to explain how they got my credit card info. I don't have an account with them..

Asurion Cons: Unknown credit card charge.

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9/26/16 Asurion just tried to do this to me today, I was home sick from work ... I checked my email about 4pm and found an alert from my bank for a charge of $199 from Asurion Wireless Ins.

in TN? I live in California. The bank cancelled ( I would not call a company I have never done business and listen to the BS for a fraudulent charge EVER) my card and is reissuing a new one and because the charge is pending hopefully it will not go through, but my bank in good faith has already credited my account for the amount.

The sad thing is if you research this company is all about fraudulent charges ... why are they still in business with most major wireless companies is my F--cking question knowing they are a scam?


The exact same thing happened to me on 8/23/16. Asurion Wireless Insurance tried to charge me $149 but the bank caught the fraudulent charge and contacted me first.

Now I have to wait for a replacement card.

Be aware of all charges on your credit cards. Sounds like they have a habit of doing this to people.

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