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Feb 13 I reported my iPhone 8 lost r

Feb 14 received replacement but had found my original phone.

Feb 14 I Contacted Asurion and I was told it was best to keep the replacement phone and pay the $200 deductible. I have zero need for a replacement phone. I was told my original phone would remain on restriction until Asurion received replacement back.

Feb 15 I returned replacement phone back to Asurion using the prepaid label.

Feb 20 I called Asurion - was told they did not have replacement back

Feb 22 I called Asurion - was told they did not have replacement back

Feb 26 I called Asurion - was told they did not have replacement back but to try contacting Sprint to see if they could escalate situation and have my phone turned on

Feb 26- I called Sprint- Sprint told me there is nothing they can do

Feb 28- I called Asurion and was told that there was not any Lost Claim tied to my phone number so they do not have any restriction on my phone

Feb 28 - I called Sprint- Sprint tells me Asurion has restriction on my phone and Sprint cannot override and turn back on

March 5 - I notice I am charged $200 deductible for replacement phone from Asurion

March 5 - I go into Sprint Store - Sprint rep tells me she cannot do anything with Asurion but leads me to use store phone to call them

March 5 - I call Asurion and am told they received my phone on Feb 24th, that a refund for the $200 deductible has been approved and my phone would be reactivated. I asked Asurion rep if there was anything I needed to do for reactivation and was told the rep would call me back later that day to confirm and all I would need to do is turn phone off/on

March 6 - no return call from Asurion and phone still not on

March 6 - call Asurion, was told phone no longer on negative list and I need to call Sprint to have reactivated

March 6 - On phone with Sprint over 40 mins and still cannot get phone reactivated.

The amount of calls, texts both business and personal that I have missed is unbelievable. The lack of consistent answers and zero solution is unacceptable. In addition to the horrible experience I have had with Asurion, still no one has ever offered any sort of apology or actual help to resolve this. Additionally, Sprint claiming they have no say or authority with assisting with Asurion is also not acceptable. Sprint is the party that sold me on Asurion and has Asurion on their Sprint business cards. That would imply some sort of agreement with Asurion.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Cell Phone Replacement.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $350.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Asurion Cons: Unfair claim resolution, Worst customer service, Inconsistent answers, No resolution offered, Incorrect information given.

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