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Bought my son an Iphone, he fell with the phone in his hand and it shattered. Filed a claim, received a replacement phone (after paying a $200 deductible), mailed broken phone back.

Simple right? WRONG! I kept the tracking number and was able to see the phone was received by . A couple weeks later I get an email threatening to charge me $500 because we didnt turn off the find my Iphone feature -- umm, never had it on to start with.

Called Asurion and was told to follow the instructions in the email to turn it off using the cloud. I explained to the rep that it was never turned on and that I had tried following the instructions just to be sure and that when using the cloud it didnt find the phone BECAUSE THE FEATURE WASNT ON! After 2 hours of being bounced around from Asurion to Verizon and back again, I was told by a rep that "that email goes out to everybody that has an ipone" and I was assured everything was in order with my returned phone. WRONG AGAIN!

Fast forward several more weeks and suddenly I am getting automated calls telling me the find my phone feature is still on! This company is a joke and I smell a scam in the works to try to rip me off of $500 as was threatened in the first email.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Cell Phone Insurance.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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They’re still doing it. I’ve replaced three phones, same story every time. This seems to be some kind of bizarre policy, maybe just harassment to minimize claims.

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