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A rep came to my job to fix my iphone. As soon as he left the adhesive started wearing off and the screen started lifting on one side which through off the calibration so I could not get into the phone.

When I was able to enter the phone for example if you type a c you end up with a t. I called them immediately and was told that I need to follow the next steps and that was to delete my phone after backing it up. I explained to the rep that I was at work nor did my icloud have that much storage to back up my phone and also this is not a software issue its the screen lifting. I was informed that I HAD to do this first.

I went home and backed it up to my Macbook and did a factory reset. Now I cant get into the phone at all because the password i set is not entering because the screen and calibration are off. At this point i cannot call out at all, even tried to audio call from my ipad but the resetting off my iphone and my number is attached to it reset that. I went to the verizon store and they saw right away that it was the screen.

They got me on the phone with Asurion in which the 1st lady transferred me saying that the rep that fixed the phone had not put the order in as complete and she needed to transfer me to that department to close it out. She transferred me blind so the next lady needed all my information and the story again. Then she tells me that she cannot assist and would be transferring me as well, another blind transfer. At this point this is stupid and I am upset.

the 3 rep tells me that she is going to transfer me and I told her no and that I was not about to explain this again just close the order the guy has been gone hours! Then she started to yell at me as if I did something wrong. Then comes to find out the rep who came out to fix the phone put the order in as non-repaired and they were billing me 179.00 for a new phone which I had no idea about. So the young lady yells at me again when I said so you all were going to bill my card and not tell me.

She says NO! we fixed it. I said but you were! Also i paid 29.99 to have the phone repaired and it was not being I am on the phone with you not even an hour later, so I should be refunded that.

She told me no because I paid for the repair. I asked her what repair, the phone was never fixed. Needless to say I was basically yelled at for their mistakes and paid 29.99 for nothing.

At this point I ave been on the phone with them since about 10:30 am and this finally ended around 4:30pm Not only was I not able to work but I also missed work calls during this time that cost my company thousands. Thanks Asurion!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cell Phone Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Asurion Cons: Paying excessively for deductibles, Worst customer service, Quality.

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