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This will be long! They are quick to take your money but do not want to make a claim.

My iPhone 7 was stolen or lost not sure of which. I reported it went into the sprint store. They told me I should call insurance and make a claim it would be cheaper for me which I did. I kept getting hung up on after waiting 3 different times for about 15 min each.

So I call again the person said I needed a password which I didn’t know of course so I had to contact sprint again which I did. Then basically was back and forth with many different asurion employees who seemed they could not help me. I had to go download a affidavit to fill out and pic Id which I did at sprint for the 2nd visit. I was told by a Asurion employee and from sprint manager I would get a call from the cell phone I was borrowing in 3 hrs.

Went home never received a call. Called that very next morning a lady yelled at me so I got nasty back she said they denied the claim because I never contacted them! They sent an email which I specifically said I could not get access to because I had lost my phone and I was borrowing a phone number and wasn’t able to get internet access from that phone. So then I basically was denied because I never got a call that I was told I would get.

Plus got hung up on! Great customer service btwPlus she said the phone was still activie and had not been turned off. Which was untrue because I had gotten it shut off. On top of that I had a password to even get into the phone.

They wanted to know when was the last time the phone had been used and I said Saturday when I had gotten it lost or stolen. Long story I know so it’s now Wednesday and still nothing from either asurion or sprint! The only person who is trying to help me is the sprint mAnager who is trying to reach the regional manager I guess. I could buy a new phone from the store but why am I paying for insurance if I can’t get this company to help send me out a new phone!?

I’m to the point since it’s this much of a hassle I’ll say screw these people and get a prepaid that’s how horrible this insurance company is.

I’m a single mom two kids work full time I have no time to mess around god forbid I get stuck or my son needs to reach me while he walks home from the bus I mean very rude to treat their customers this way! Not worth the hassel!

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Cell Phone Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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