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If any of you guys have replacement insurance for your cell phone, be advised that if you deal with Ausurion, it's probably going to be a headache. I've been dealing with them since September 29th and I just got my claim completed TODAY. Keep in mind, you're supposed to have a replacement phone the next day.

Their website gives you information that is incorrect. Therefore, it misleads you to believe one thing and then they tell you something completely different on the phone. They tell you that they'll call you when the current step of the claim process is complete. Guess what? They don't. And that happened twice. They do not change info in their computers when you correct them, they just "make a note" of the info you gave them. So, it gets overlooked. They already sent forms to the address I told them NOT to even though I double checked the address with the person "making note" of it. Their communication with customers is almost non-existent.

It's not until your are about to pay your deductible for the replacement phone that they tell you they cannot guarantee your phone will be new. It may be refurbished. Great, I paid full price for a new phone to get a non-new phone? What a deal!

I bet they send the phone to the wrong address.

Once I completed the claim and paid my deductible the lady on the phone said she would transfer me to a specialist to finalize everything and review the claim. Instead, they send me to more automated menus, having nothing to do with finalizing the claim. By the way, this also wasn't the first time they sent me to an automated menu when they had just said they were transferring me to a person.

I go back through their menus to get to a person again. Then, they tell me the claim isn't complete. The transaction did not process. Good thing I went back through menus to talk to someone or I'd be sitting here for the next few days waiting on a phone that isn't coming since they don't call you to tell you there are any issues. Maybe, if they had actually transferred me to a person instead of a menu like they said they would, that little hiccup could have been caught. It shouldn't be up to me to have to quadruple check THEIR information.

If you have phone insurance and have the option to deal with Ausurion... DON'T. If you have no other options... good luck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Cell Phone Insurance.

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They suck!!!!!!!! Horrible service you pay 200$ for a new phone and you are in purgatory trying to get your drivers license to them to file acclaim are you KIDDING ME they get the phone back I'm 55 years old I dropped the *** thing, once I get it buying a case and I'm done with them figure out payments not worth it!!!!!!!


Hey, I hear you and completely back you up! Asurion is a really *** company.

I was a customer for over 2 years, and I never had a problem with getting replacements for my phone. Sometimes, I even had to replace my phone twice a year, and it was never a problem. Then one day, I needed a new phone after accidently dropping my phone, and they told me that my insurance was dropped. I asked for explanation and they never gave me one.

My advice is don't deal with them anymore. Get phone insurance coverage from another company!

One more thing: They really think their website is up-to-date and great, but every time I tried to get a replacement phone using the website, it always messed up the process and I had to remake another claim. It was easier to make a claim over the phone which is really funny, because on the phone the automated voice says that it's very easy to file a claim on their website!

Sigh!! ::palm hitting face::


That is good to know. I think Ausurion is offered by my cell company.

I figured I could pay $100 for the deductible, or by a second phone to keep just in case. I cancelled my insurance, saved me about $8 per month.

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