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If you want a screen repair, good luck! I cracked my screen on a 5 month old phone, and cannot get it fixed.

My repair deductible just went down to $49, but there is no way to do that. I checked my zip code, and I am apparently not in the eligible area. I checked all the zip codes within 50 miles of me, with no luck. I checked a city that I am going to next week, no luck.

Curiously, I checked zip codes all throughout NEW YORK CITY and they can't even repair it in the most populated city in the country. THIS HAS TO BE A SCAM RIGHT?!? I am absolutely furious that I pay for this service every month, am advertised that my deductible went down, and then realize that I cannot even do what they say they can do. So instead of the $49 that I am advertised to fix my perfectly good working phone, I am forced to get a replacement for $225.

That is just not right! I have talked to multiple representatives, e-mailed, called, tweeted, sent feedback to the CEO, and I don't know what to do next.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cell Phone Repair.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $176.

Preferred solution: I want my screen repaired for the price I was advertised. If it is not possible to get the screen repaired, I would like a replacement for the same repair price. Don't try to trick your customers like this!.

Asurion Cons: Incorrect information given, Poor customer service, It is a scam, I pay for something that is pointless, Screen repair is not an option.

  • Scam
  • Fraudulent Cell Phone Insurance
  • Asurion Customer Service
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Exact same situation here, and I live in San Francisco. How in the world can Asurion not have a repair center anywhere near this cosmopolitan city. SCAM and filing a consumer report next week.


they cant even provide service down the street from their head quarters


Going thru the same situation. So bogus.

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