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On 4/22 I filed an online claim on my phone. After receiving no further information, on 4/23 I called and was told my claim had been denied because my phone was "malfunctioning" and not "broken." When the agent asked for a description, I mentioned a crack in my screen and he indicated, "The crack is likely the cause of your touch screen no longer working.

Screen cracks can cause other, more significant phone problems." So, I scheduled a repair for the soonest date, 4/27. At 9:10 am on 4/27, I received an email from a colleague of mine in another building on campus telling me that the repair technician was there and asking what building I was in. I told her and she gave him directions - get back on the ONLY road and go straight towards the clock tower. You'll drive around a big grassy oval and the mansion that is on the oval, that's the building." It's two buildings over from her - a 5 minute walk.

A 10 minute drive if you have trouble parking - or, if you drove straight in the wrong direction, in which case, you would have to make a right turn and then another right in order to head toward the clock tower and grassy oval. I went downstairs and stood in front of my building - for the next 40 minutes. It's a one-way road, with a 5 mph speed limit. He did not drive past me.

The campus is under video surveillance, so I actually have video proof that he did not drive past the building, which, if he had followed the directions he was given, he would have been forced to do (due to the one way streets on campus.)

After 40 minutes, I came to my office and contacted Asurion who told me that the technician couldn't locate me and couldn't get me on my phone (because it's broken!) They said that no one could come back today, but someone could come tomorrow. I explained that this is my job, I won't be here on the weekend, but I would be taking an elderly family member to dialysis, doing their banking, shopping, taking my son to soccer, etc. - in other words, I won't be at a location for any 3 hour window tomorrow. They then said I could get a replacement phone, for an additional $60 above what I'd already paid for a repair visit that didn't happen.

I refused, demanding either a same day repair visit or a replacement for the cost of the non-visit. They refused.

After a bit more discussion about the status of my phone, the service agent said, "If your phone is not working, the tech couldn't repair the screen anyway." THIS IS LITERALLY THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT THE FIRST SERVICE REP SAID ON TUESDAY. The one who encouraged me to get the screen repaired so that the phone would start to work again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Cell Phone Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $209.

Preferred solution: Either repair my phone or replace it, refund what I've paid for repair and waive any additional repair/replacement fees..

Asurion Cons: Given entirely different service recommendations, All i get is excuses, Did not get the service i paid for, Was outright lied to.

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