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Well here we go, My wifes iphone x had a small crack on the screen. I pay the flippin insurance every month of course.

But a loyal paying customer doesnt mean anything to Asurion. The crack was so minor that i probably couldve fixed it with a few tools and a youtube video. I also want to note WHEN WE SENT THE PHONE IN IT WAS IN PERFECT WORKING CONDITION. Wed only had it for a few months at this point.

There were no operating issues. The phone performed amazing. Noone had been downloading or watching *** or downloading illegal music. There wasnt a single possiblility of a virus or issue with the framwork of the phone.

So as the penny pinching person i can be sometimes, instead of paying the 200 or so bucks for a replacement phone i sent it in for 49 bucks to have the screen repaired. After all it was such a minor cosmetic issue. We powered that sucker down and packaged it all nice and safe and mailed it in. We even purchased a temporary phone and put minutes on it so she could have something while we wait.

So there is additional money we spent. We were so happy and excited and ready for it to be returned in the two days as promised. A day later we get a box at the door. Thinking it was the repaired phone, early, we opened it in suspense only to find the phone IN THE EXACT SAME PHYSICAL CONDITION.

No repair. Same cracks. Everything. I at this point was kinda annoyed.

The card in the box said something stupid like, oops sorry we cant fix the phone because of issues outside of the coverage." So i took a deep breathe and thought, alright fine. Ill go to an outside source to fix it. THEN, i attempt to power up the phone....NOTHING. No apple symbol, no lights, absolutely nothing.

So now im saying okay its dead. Lets put it on the charger and go eat. So we did. Left it on for 3 hours.

Got back, tried again and still NOTHING. So now im pissed. I immediately call asurion and ask wtf is going on. I sent you a brand new phone with a small crack and you send back the same phone but now its broken and will not power up.

Their response was, well sorry. I asked for a supervisor. They said. Well sorry.

There was a problem with the phone and there isnt anything we can do. Im pissed now. Not only did they not fix the cracks. For which i pay for coverage of.

Theyve also took my options away. Now i cant just either live with the cracks or go to a third party and have the screen replaced. Now i am FORCED to choose the replacement option. I HAVE to pay the 200 or so dollars.

They scammed me. And purposely f-d up my phone so i would have to replace it. That company should be ashamed of themselves. Sure the 200 is alot less than the 1000 or thay it cost but that isnt the point.

What if i didnt have 200? What if i was on hard times and was willing to live with the cracks? Nope they took away my right to choose. Never again.

Never again. Never again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Verizon Manager.

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