Hicksville, New York
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I upgraded my phone to a iPhone 5s 32 gig left the store on my way to work I had to take a bus after getting off the bus went to make a call and I realize my phone was gone mind you this was in less than 30 minutes . I called sprint and asurion place my claim now they tell me that they won't cover because there was no usage on the phone from the time I got the phone to it got stolen. I got a receipt and made a policy report as well no help they just they won't cover whAts the point of having an insurance

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Claim.

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Why you blame him? The insurance company sucks....


You realized it was gone. How does this equal stolen? You lost it didn't you?


Next time you take your phone to a store for an upgrade take an adult with you do that you don't forget it. You must be a child right?

After all you don't accept any blame or responsibility for the stolen phone. Or better yet don't get a phone until you are old and mature enough to take care of it.

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