I lost my phone, most likely stolen.

A week later, Assurion sent the phone.....only it was a different color than what I had asked.

When I called them, the service girl put me on hold for five minutes. Then comes back to say my phone only comes in one color. Hmm. Come again? It comes in TWO colors and one of them is what I had and requested! Then, she puts me on another hold for another five minutes, comes back to tell me she will transfer me to another unknowledgeable and more condescending 'service' individual. After condescendingly telling me over and over they are out of stock in the color I wanted, she tells me to return the phone and get the deductible back if I am so unpleased. Once I hung with her, I find hear from a AT&T rep that this is VERY rare and never happens. So Assurion has been busted in a few lies in 10 minutes. Just a lack of professionalism, knowledge, and care and for the situation.

I'm never getting insurance from them again and will make sure to pass the word around to never ever get insurance with assurion. Insurance should cover new phones.

Monetary Loss: $650.

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you sound like an absolute waste of oxygen for complaining over the color of your phone. Forget that fact you don't have to fork over a extra couple hundred for a new phone, let's just focus on the color. You sound like a person that complains when no one wants to buy you a drink at a bar.


Had you of read your policy through Asurion you would know that color isn't always guaranteed!


If you had a basic understanding of Contract law you would know that the "least sophisticated consumer" is the standard. A person who did not graduate high school.

What do they think is like for like? Same color is always the standard.

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