Vineland, New Jersey

I filed a claim that my phone was stolen, they said they will send a new one for $200.00 next day, fortunately I found my phone the ff. morning and called ATT to reconnect it.

I called Asurion not to send the phone, but they said it was already send out, they advise me once I received the phone I send it back, I did and with their tracking number they received the item. I called them and they said we will process the refund. My credit car was charge $200.00, and I called ATT the said I will have a credit in 1/2 billing, I waited. but then they still charging me with no credit.

I called Asurion, and they said they cannot give my refund because I send them a wrong phone and not the one they sent.. I told them after a 1 1/2 month? and nobody call or send mail about the issue. I ask them "where is the wrong phone you said I send?

why didn't call me or send it back to me" The customers serice said ""It's in the Warehouse, we don't know" If I Know this will happen... I just keep the phone, but I don't want to do FRAUD, which I found out here that they were the one who is FRAUD, I cancelled my insurance and telling more people to stop trusting this company....

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Claim.

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The same thing happened to me. This company is a complete scam.

I returned the phone they sent out as soon as I got it because I finally got my phone to work, and then I had to argue with At&t to get the $200 charge taken off of my bill. Three months after they got the phone back the charge was still on my bill. They told me it would take a few billing cycles to fall off and not to worry about it. I just paid my monthly At&t balance minus the $200 because I figured it would come off.

Well, not only did it not, my phone got disconnected and then Asurion told At&t the phone was not in the box I sent back, which was a complete and utter lie. I was also charged a reconnection fee.

I am in the process of filing a better business bureau complaint now and I had to threaten At&t with cancelation of my service and a complaint also, because I absolutely am not going to pay $200 for something I don't have. :eek :(


Just dispute it with your credit card company.

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