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Maybe you don't understand my point. THIS REPLACEMENT NEXTBOOK IS OF NO QUALITY!

It's as if I purchased I Mercedes warranty only to receive a Kia as a replacement. I cannot see anyone purchasing a Nextbook from the get-go, so why would I want one as a replacement?!?!

Original review posted by user Apr 12

I received a Nextbook when my Samsung Tab (purchased at Walmart in June of 2018) screen broke in 2018 and I filed a claim with Asurion. I thought I would receive a Samsung that was comparable to what I had originally purchased.

However I was only given an option of three tablets which were second-rate off-brand Nextbooks. Okay, fine. But now I have discovered that even though it's advertised that you can use an SD card with it you can ONLY use it to store videos, pics, and documents on Nextbooks. So I cannot move apps that I stored on the SD card being used in the original Samsung Tab!

What's the point of saying it's SD card usable?!?! I thought when one bought a warranty you were going to either receive a tablet of the SAME BRAND of comparable price or receive a gift voucher for the listing price of what one paid when the item was purchased, giving the customer the option to pick something within the Samsung family...Not some slow, off-brand Nextbook that isn't compatible with anything I had previously used the original Samsung Tab for when purchased. I bought the Samsung Galaxy tab for my non-verbal autistic nephew who very much enjoyed his tablet and apps, who is now he's confused and upset that he cannot do what he used to on the Samsung Tablet. It's beyond upsetting.

More so the Samsung tabA used Lollipop whereby this *** Nextbook uses Marshmellow which is not compatible to anything saved on the Samsung tablet- even VIDEOS and is normally a system software used on phones?!?!? Very upset and can understand why Walmart now uses Allstate for warranties since Asurion provides *** warranty replacement products worth a 1/3rd of what you originally paid for the product. I get that the value of one's product decreases over the time when it was originally bought, but this is beyond a lower quality and price for what I paid for in June 2018, which wasn't a long time ago.

What's the point of a warranty?!?? I will tell anyone who has the option of selecting Asurion warranties for their tablets or phone to seriously reconsider since your replacement will be garbage to what you originally paid for!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Replacement.

Reason of review: Happy I finally can tell your company that you provide *** replacements!.

Asurion Cons: Anything involved with warranty replacements.

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