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Lost my iPhone a week ago.....been paying ATT Asurion phone insurance for over 5 years and never filed a claim, until now. Insurance contract states Asurion will replace my phone with an equal or better phone within 1-2 days.

Day 1 of claim...sorry, we don't have any replacement phones for your iPhone 4s, they are on backorder, call back in 3 - 5 days. Day 2, still no replacement phones, call back in 3 - 5 days. Day 3, Asurion tells me they are happy to replace my iPhone 4s 64g with an iPhone 5 16G. Since I've never filed a claim, my "declining deductible" will only be $62.00.Uh....can you say not no but *** NO!

After approx. 1.25 hours of speaking with ATT and Asurion, an ATT customer service rep tells me I will be receiving an iPhone 5s 64g but my deductible will be $199.00. After another 30 mins. of "discussion", my deductible is reduced to $99.00.

Ok, I agree, just give me a *** phone. I truly believe Asurion and ATT's tactics are to frustrate the consumer to the point where they just roll over and give up. I'm there. Day 4, I check online for a tracking number on Asurion's claim form web page and now I'm getting a refurbished iPhone 5 64g.

I call ATT back, reinvent the wheel, go thru the WHOLE frickin' story again, and am told that I must contact Asurion. I call Asurion back, reinvent the wheel, go thru the WHOLE frickin' story again, and am told that a refurbished iPhone 5 has already been sent. After almost another hour of "discussion" and terminal hold time, Asurion customer service tells me that they will cancel the iPhone 5 that is supposedly already enroute, send me the iPhone 5s, and do me the favor of reducing my deductible to $99.00. Back to where I was a day ago.

Mind you that my iPhone 4s is a "tier 2 device" and the quoted deductible for a tier 2 device is only $62.00. Day 5, I log onto Asurion's customer phone claim web page to get tracking info and all I get when I enter my cell number is "invalid entry". MORAL of this tediously long story is....CONSUMER BEWARE!!!! ATT AND ASURION DO NOT DELIVER ON THEIR CELL PHONE INSURANCE CONTRACTS!!!!!

SAVE YOURSELF THE TIME, MONEY AND AGGRAVATION, STICK 10 BUCKS IN A SOCK IN YOUR UNDERWEAR DRAWER EVERY MONTH AND THEN WHEN AND IF YOU LOSE YOUR CELL, GO BUY WHATEVER CELL PHONE YOU WANT WITHOUT HAVING TO DEAL WITH TWO OF THE MOST ASSININE COMPANIES I'VE EVER HAD THE DISPLEASURE AND MISFORTUNE OF DEALING WITH.Continuing ATT/Asurion drama. Yesterday I received an iphone5 64g refurbished cell phone. NOT the iPhone 5s 64g that I was promised by at least 3 different Asurion customer service reps and an ATT rep. Needless to say, i am disappointed that Asurion and ATT not only mislead me, they treated an excellent long standing customer who NEVER filed a claim before very poorly.

But wait, it gets better. IF YOU ARE A CELL PHONE INSURANCE CONSUMER ( SPECIFICALLY ASURION), YOU NEED TO READ THIS!!!! After receiving the refurbished iPhone 5, I called Asurion. Note that I am unable to even log on to the Asurion claim web page, I enter my cell number and I get "INVALID ENTRY".

*** monkeys, don't they know that won't make me go away? But I digress, I call them and of course say "hey!! what happened to the phone you promised me, you know, the iPhone 5s 64g????" Guess what??? THEY HAVE NO NOTES ON MY CLAIM DOCUMENTING THAT I WAS PROMISED THAT PHONE.

Why am i even surprised? I'm so disgusted that I decide to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau online. Done.Today I set up the voice mail on my refurbished replacement phone and receive a voice message from Asurion asking me to call them back to complete the REORDER! So of course i'm thinking Hallelujah!

Asurion is going to honor their promise. I call Asurion and am immediately transferred to their legal dept. Asurion rep tells me he is in receipt of my complaint to the BBB and gives me an opportunity to discuss my complaint. He assured me that they are more than willing to refund my deductible and I can return my phone if I am so unhappy.

And that leaves me where?????? NOT a very realistic option since I am already more than a week without a phone, which is my business phone. In all fairness, he promises to investigate my complaint while assuring me that I didn't have an iPhone 5s 64g so they don't have to replace my phone with one, kind of brushing aside the fact that they told me no iPhone 4s were available.

At the very least, I expect that this makes Asurion consider some additional training for their misleading (lying) misinformed (lying) unknowing (lying) agents so that they don't promise things to customers that they have no intention of fulfilling. MORAL OF THIS STORY: IF YOU'RE GETTING SCREWED BY ASURION/ATT AND IT'S NOT CONSENSUAL, SCREAM TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, AT LEAST THEY WILL PAY ATTENTION!

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Sounds Typical for Assurion and uin my case Verizon!


Yes. So true.

Att and asurion are big scammers.

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