Kalamazoo, Michigan
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Damaged my Note 5. Paid 200 deductible. Received note 5 -refurbished, with charging issues. Returned refurbished replacement.

Received another note 5 refurbished. Would not charge at all. Return to asurion

Informed they have no note 5 in stock. Offered S7 Edge. Declined offer. Offered to wait till they have it in stock.

Called week later. Note 5 not in stock. Offered S7 Edge. Informed them that i would visit Store to see S7 Edge and see if it would work.

Called next day and accepted S7 Edge.

Received S7 Edge in mail. Suprise - not S7 Edge. Received Note5. WTF?

Called back, forwarded to authorization department. Informed it would take 1 day to be contacted and for hold to be lifted for correct phone to be sent.

Phone sent 3 days later. Received S7 edge in mail. Suprise - not S7 Edge. Received S7.

Almost a month now and still have yet to receive my S7 Edge.

Though my frustration may be misplaced, i have dealt with a good enough sample of their representative population to say that the company only hires those deemed incompetent.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Cell Phone Replacement.

Reason of review: Poor customer service..

Asurion Pros: Promptly issued device.

Asurion Cons: Penalize for their mistake, Being hung up on, Service delivery, Incorrect phone sent, Unnecessary holds.

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