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I committed the horrible sin of dropping my spankin-new DroidRazr on the asphalt and cracked the screen. I called Verizon and they sent me over to Asurion. I waited through a long and repetitive voice-over to which someone there tells me its much easier to file online. Okay, I'm all about easier.

So I log into phoneclaim.com I fill out questionnaires pertaining to my phone. When I get the part where it says I have to print out an affidavit, fill it out, sign it, FAX IT back to them. Seriously? What kind of *cough* major company uses faxing anymore? A ghetto one, that's for sure. So whatever, I fill the thing out, go to my local Verizon store to have it faxed, along with a copy of my driver's license. An hour later, I get an email from Asurion saying they couldn't accept my documents "due to", and they listed several POSSIBLE reasons! They couldn't even tell me what specific problem was. So I call them and the rep tells me "they never heard of a 'Droid Razor' (and her tone of voice strongly sounded like I was being a liar, since they never heard of such a device). So...let me get this straight: a supposedly MAJOR phone insurance company doesn't know what they are supposed to insure? I understand the Razr is a brand new device to Verizon, but this was an obvious lack of attention and willful ignorance on an insurance carrier.

So I asked her to connect me to Verizon so I could "prove" that I do indeed own a Droid Razr, which she denies me! She says I have to call them myself and then have the rep connect me to them. What a load. But I did anyway. The Verizon rep called them and confirmed it. Asurion then told me my claim would be processed and I would be further contacted by email. Fine.

An hour or so after that, I got another email saying something else was wrong with my affidavit! Pissed now, I call them up (waiting again, through their "its easier online! Just go to etc..." phone-plug, how ironic) to which they tell me the ESN number I filed does not match. The ESN number I filed is written on my phone, a sticker that came on my phone, and the box that my phone came in! I made sure to get it right! WTF? It became obvious then that this company just flat out didn't want to pay for my phone. So I call Verizon again, and VZW confirms to the Asurion rep that is in fact, my ESN number. The rep then argues with my VZW rep that it isn't! So the VZW rep got mad hung up, then the Asurion rep got mad hung up!!! Is this how a business is run?!

Turns out what they wanted was the MEID number (although it CLEARLY states on the @#$%&*^% form that they want the ESN. Finally...FINALLY...after all that...roughly 4 hours spent on the phone, 2 or so hours on their website, running around town to get to a fax machine, they finally approved my claim. It only took two days. "It's faster and easier on our website! Simply go to phoneclaim.com and..." Sure.

When I got my replacement phone, turns out that they sent a brand new one. I know the policy is you get a refurbished phone if you file a claim. I think Asurion was holding out and making me go through hoops so they could try to send me a refurb. Thing is, the Droid Razr is so new, they probably haven't anyone return theirs yet, therefore they were forced to send me a new one, and I bet they weren't happy about it.

This is the worst thing I ever gone through with an insurance company. Last year, I got in a terrible 7x's rollover wreck. Totalled my truck. State Farm just called me a couple of times, asked me a few questions, sent me a form to sign, and poof! Done. That was a matter of thousands of dollars, all done with a couple of calls and a signature. A $700 dollar phone you think would be so much easier, but through Asurion.


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Absolutely the worst company ever to deal with! ..

worst experience ever with any customer service department in all of my life!!!!! The way they treat you and what they do is illegal!!!!!!


Recently sent my iPhone through the washer. Had to make a claim with Asurion to get a replacement, paid $200, waited 2 days (mind you my job requires a phone), and finally got my replacement.

Went through the hassle of activating the phone and over the next two days finally got all of my applications back that I wanted, signed into all of my applications that needed sign in, got all of my contacts finally back in my phone and what happens....

The screen goes out of course. Now I have to spend my only day off all week waiting around the house for my next refurbished piece of *** to be sent to me.


Although this is a view years later, Asurion has yet to get their *** together and I had to go through this same process and have yet to figure it all out yet! Worst Insurance Company ever!!!!


worst company ever 3 days later and still no answer to my claim...wtf and now every one except bestbuy uses them. I was told by sprint only way to not deal with asuiron is to buy your phone from best buy cuz they have their own i hope someone blows their building up


I bought a brand new phone through Sprint about 5-6 years ago and about a month after I bought the $250 phone it stopped working and wouldn't turn on. I was told by Sprint to call Asurion to have it replaced.

I called asurion and since I could not tell them the exact day and time my phone stopped working and what caused it to stop working they denied my claim. I called 5 times and each time they told me I was denied on my first claim and was not allowed to reapply. I called Sprint and since my phone was only a month or so old they replaced it with a new one. Not sure why they didn't do that initially or why Asurion denied my claim.

You're right.

They will do anything to not have to pay a claim. They're cheap and deceptive.

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