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It started on march 8th of this year and today is the 26th and has still not been totally resolved. I can't begin to tell you the frustration, stress, job loss and hours of time this unprofessional company has caused me.

I will never purchase another phone that costs over $100 max. This company has made me leary of all phone carriers and I will never use phone insurance again as l ok ng as i live. This all started with a simple fix my S7 was not charging in fast charge mode it took over 13 hours. Day 1 called was told phone would be replaced in 24 hours.

LOL what a joke 2 days went by and again i valled and was told they were out of those phones so it would be about 3 more days. I even delt with that bit questioned how does a phone insurance company of all the major carriers run out of phones? Wow. Again time passed and i was getting angry asked for a supervisor got first Andy in the resolution dept.

Who was very sympathetic to the point he would send me as S9 for my problem and stated it would be there between 1 and 3 days but he would call daily to keep me posted, another lie. Called me 15 min after our first conversation and that was the end of andy. Next there was Arthur who stated to me that Andy was not allowed to upgrade me ( whats a resolution dept for then?) So by now im pretty upset the next step is the CEO,s office that has more employees than most walmart's its in sane my first experience was with Karen Mills Henderson (if thats her real name) who was the most miserable person horrible attitude and told me I will get no upgrade and the phone will be to my hous er in 24 hours. ITS A MIRACLE i recieved it in a white asurion box with torn cardboard and it was loose very unprofessional called to ask why there was no paperwork again they said thry dont send it!

(News to me). Again the camera didnt wa as taking pictures of my bird and the colors were all faded. Again another call this time Debora G. Nice girl she upgraded m er to an S8 that was very nice it arrived the next day!

WILL WONDERS CEASE TO AMAZ. Now i have a phone in a box but thats it! Wow ive heard of mistakes but you would think by now they would actually make an effort. Another call eric in sales again an apology ya ya ya .

Send me my charger ect oh definitely 24 hours later some lousy dollar store charger comes to my house, so now Im going for validation. I take the charger to the corporate sprint store near me and ask if that charger fits that phone. I was told by the sprint associate not to use it , its not a Samsung's certified charger. Then when i told then asurion sent it they had no words.

So today i called the CEOs office again and was told he would send a charger but hes not sure what kind. I asked for a booklet so i could get acquainted with the phone and the 2 adapters well we will have to see what i get in the suprise package tomorrow, needless to say i still have my broken camera s7 that im seriously considering not sending back its usless to me but its the point. I am not stopping now have many photos of sorint and asurions information socked away and next its on to Kevin Taweel, CEO, Bret Comolli, Todd Chretien, Cindy,Christy and the list goes on I really need to state my case. When you loss customer service and you become so big that no one matters any more then why be in business?

Its sll about money well im not about money but i will not rest until I get some straight answers from this company. The dishonesty is unforgivable and an upgrade is no solution. Its sad will enclose photos of there *** ALWAYS DOCUMENT CALLS, NAMES ECT. Let all try and work together to make a change and Kevin Taweel if you get wind of this send your employees back to etiquette school.

Obviously no one taught most of them manors. Debora G. And Jay were exceptions they just failed to follow through. EXTREMELY DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER!

You would think after 13 years of never a late payment you would be worth something, well guess again. Your only green to them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Cell Phone Insurance.

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