Chicago, Illinois

Asurion is ***. I dropped my LG Flex phone and called to submit a claim.

They first had the wrong type of phone attached to my account and required proof from me that I bought the phone I said I did. Secondly they tell you they will get back to you within 24 hours and let you "know" about your claim. These are classic stall techniques so they can keep from sending out a new phone.

THEY ARE FILTH as are all insurance companies.

I suggest that you do not buy insurance from this company as they are thieves. You can tell by the amount of complaints on this forum alone about these frauds.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Took my $ and scheduled appt. then called before appt and said part ( iPhone 7 Plus screen) hadn’t been delivered yet.

Mail had come that day so Mail and doesn’t come in until 2 so it won’t be the next day. So know they send me email saying ok Friday we will be there bewteeen 11-1. 1 o’clock comes and goes. No word from them.

I call them oh the part still isn’t in. If it comes in today we will come out tomorrow. No phone call. Call the tech and he informs me no part but I can call and cancel my claim and go to a walk in store instead of them coming to me IF they have a screen.

Then Asurion sends me another dam email telling me they will be out Monday. Hello I already told you I am leaving the country on Monday. I will be calling our local news consumer advocates if when I return from abroad that they don’t make good.

Hey are probably trying to *** me off so I buy a new phone so they can make more money this is total BS and will be researching other insurers. And will be canceling this bs service


They are f____________ with me right now too on an iPhone X.I'm a lawyer so I'm not going to take it from them.Completely unexplained delays.

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