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We bought an extended warranty for a refrigerator we bought at Home Depot. After a year, when the fridge was no longer cooling, I called Asurion to schedule a repair.

They scheduled a "repair appointment" for me but, when I called the repair shop that they had "scheduled," I learned that their repair people were not actually available on that day (!) I was able to schedule the repair on a different day, but if I hadn't called, I have no doubt they would have filled that time slot. However, because the repair date was so far off, I called Asurion back to request a different company. They informed me that Asurion only has two(!) designated repair shops within 100 miles of our major metropolitan area (Tucson, AZ) and only one(!) of them was able to work on that brand of appliance (It was Samsung, not some obscure or offbeat brand!)...At no time was I informed that the appointment that Asurion made for me was a tentative appointment!

And I certainly could not have guessed that any reputable warranty company could have so few service contacts in a city. (What do people do who live in a rural area?!) I wasted so much time on this that I would rather just organize and pay for service myself, rather than buy an extended warranty again that is "serviced" by Asurion!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Asurion Cons: Company policies are customer unfriendly.

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I couldn’t agree with these posters more. Our dryer went out on 8/25/2019 and here it is 10/4/2019 with no end in sight.

We have rearranged our schedules and taken off work to accommodate three repair visits, and they had the wrong part for the first two and completely wasted our time! We called and got angry, and they referred us to an “escalation” team. What a joke that has been. They will not answer the phone or return the numerous calls my boyfriend and I have left for them.

It is impossible to get ahold of our “resolution specialist” who says in her voicemail message that she doesn’t answer her phone. I work and can’t sit by the phone 24/7 waiting for the random time she might call me back. We live in a rural area with no laundromat so I have to drive an hour roundtrip and spend $15-20 a pop to do my laundry.

It is awful. I will nevef use this company again, and I am turned off from shopping at Home Depot again.


I renewed my Home Depot warranty through their Asurion company in March 2018. As of today, December 2018, I can't get service for my washer because they haven't updated the Home Depot database.

I've been calling since August regarding this problem. Every time I call they state they will escalate my case but to no avail. I still can't get service for my washer.

I will look for a different appliance warranty plan next time I buy an appliance at Home Depot. I will not buy from Asurion for home appliances.


LG refrigerator compressor stopped working 11/10. Sent a tech out from 1 company who could not fix it on 11/14.

As of today 12/26 still waiting for them to either replace the refrigerator itself or the compressor. It's like pulling teeth trying to get them to do their job.


When Assurian no longer wants to cover a product, they start making up excuses like well the service provider closed the claim or they blame the customer on misuse, or they say they set up the appointment when they actually don't just so they can shed you. Seriously don't buy an extended warranty from these people.


Same here!! Been almost 2 weeks since my 2 year old LG Fridge died....still no appointment is scheduled!!


i am having lot roube with them my self .they deff suck!!! i llneve buy applances at home depo again!!!


Wow... our LG refrigerator died on May 9.We are sitting here with no fridge on June 7.A little google searching reveals that there are so many of us in the same boat.

It looks like hundreds easy.Has anyone found a way to get them to do something?

It really seems like a deceptive pattern of abuse.Our Case Manager is Ebony Woods in the Nashville area and I could not imagine a less helpful person.Look her up. Her claim to helping us it that she returns our calls 1-2 times per week.


Not sure I feel any better knowing there are lots of others screwed over by Home Depot and Asurion.Day 30 with no fridge (LG) and no hope in sight. 5 repair visits all went exactly the same.

Their answer..schedule another repair visit.

I actually had an Asurion rep tell me that they could go with this as long as they want.There must be something we can do to hold them accountable. Anybody had any success with Consumer protection agencies??

@no protection

have same problem wish something we could do maybe the news outlets


Yes Home Depot - Asurion is a joke. I just can't post about how horrible they are and useless when you need help with a machine. email dgrain@aol.com if you wish details.



its been now 3 months with no dishwasher they have send out 2 different companies to repair the dishwasher and they both suck 1st one came out on 11/3/2017 and we waited for 30 days and nothing so homedepot send out another company and they came over twice with the wrong parts now im still waiting 1/20/2018 for the right parts this sucks its going to be close to 90 days before they fix it " if they ever fix it" we pay for the extended warranty but be were u can go 3 months waiting for a repair


I have the exact same experience . There is no recourse to these *** unless we stop buying from Home Depot.


I'm having the same issue. Today is June 23, 2017.

I've been without a refrigerator since May 8. They keep sending different repair companies out here because they don't like the report of "it cannot be fixed." Meanwhile, I am living out of a small cooler and paying $6/day for 2 bags of ice to keep it going. That's $180/month. Get this...they even sent out a tech that did not speak English so I could not even tell him what the problem was.

He left and didn't return. He had a compressor and touch pad sent to me and did not return.

So, what am I supposed to do with this? Still sitting in a box on the floor.

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