A charge showed up on my most recent credit card bill for $169. I never ordered anything from this company, in fact never heard of it.

When I emailed the place, I kept getting replies that I should call them. I would not and will not because I want things in writing. I have read about others who called and complained about a number of things, and they get the brush-off. It worries me that they have my credit card number, because I surely never gave it to them.

The last thing I need is cell phone insurance.

I have asked my credit card company never to accept any charges from this bunch. Anybody else had the same problem?

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Cell Phone Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $169.

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I just got a $199 charged to my account from the people. Never heard of them, don't have a cell phone. I stopped the payment through the back, but look forward to calling them tomorrow


What is the best thing to do in these cases??


Exact same thing happened to me for the same amount of 169.00. Never heard of this company either.I called my bank immediately, because they compromised my one and only card,my debit card.Great timing as I had just paid my rent,causing my account to be over drafted.I have no idea why this company has a Better Business Bureau shield on their website,what a joke.I've checked, there are thousands that have gotten taken from this company.

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