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On Monday, July 22nd, my husband logged onto our bank account to just do a quick reconcile..saw that on July 19th, three charges for $175.00 (totaling $525)from a company called "Asurion" in Tennessee(we're in Oregon,never have been to Tennessee), had pending debits using his debit card down to the number. After some quick investigating, found out Asurion is suppose to be a Cell phone insurance company with REALLY BAD customer service, I might add.

Husband's cell is provide by his employer 100% free to him as it is viewed as a work tool and they pay 100% of the bill and have for roughly 6 years now. My cell phone is my own and I opted to not elect cell phone insurance when I got my plan with Verizon over 2.5 years ago. I even called Verizon and had them send me a confirmation email of this fact- no cell insurance. So we immediately called the bank, had his card cancelled and they removed the three charges and started a fraud (7/24), I see that late yesterday(7/23) Asurion got a single charge of $175.00 through as a "Non-pin" authorization.

I now have less than $90 in my account and a life pretty much on hold. If something clears, there will be NSF fee's too of about $40.00 a pop. My bank says any NSF fees will also be waived (after the fact though) but this doesnt help me now.

I have kids to feed. And since I DO NOT have an account with Asurion, I can't get any one there to help me.I'm soooo pissed!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Cell Phone Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $215.

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I just had a similar thing happen. They took $175 out of my account (more than I had!).

I don't have mobile insurance with them or any other company. When I called them, they were no help since I don't have an account! They said they don't bill customers directly and the amount of $175 isn't an amount they use when billing mobile companies.

They also said they don't have any billing info for any individual mobile users. They said, "We can't bill you; so it must have been another company." Such ***.


LOL how is this the companies issue? If someone was able to get your card info they filed a fraud claim on your card....How is this Asurions Fault?


jecjec: do you work for Asurion? Just shut up!


so what did you do? same happen to my account..last July 22 asurion pulled out $199 from my bank account.

Trying to reach them but only answering machine answered to my calls. did you get back your money?


We immediately called our bank and started a fraud investigation..we will get our money back and any NSF fees accrued due to these charges will be waived by our bank, HOWEVER, it takes up to 10 days for our bank(US Bank)to return the money to us. We were also told to file a complaint with the BBB on Asurion, which I have done.

I cannot get through to any one at Asurion either though. :cry


You could call their customer service 1-888-881-2622. But, all they told me was to go to my bank and tell them these were fraudulent charges and get a new debit card.

I don't know if I'll get my money back or not. I have a major surgery coming up and really don't need this kind of hassle and anxiety.

But, I will go to bank tomorrow as they are closed now. :cry :(


No one would talk to us from Asurion. We did go through our bank -immediately filing a fraud charge case with them. We did get our money back via our bank but this happens way too often with Asurion for this to be a one off situation and they have been the center of several fraud investigations.

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