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I purchased a walmart product care plan through Asurion for my vacuum. My vacuum has a 2 year warranty through Bissell I was told by the Asurion claims representative.

I purchased a two year warranty at Walmart. I asked so does your warranty start after Bissell's warranty. Oh no on the date of purchase I was told. Ok so what does your warranty cover basically nothing he actually said to me.

I was furious. He told me I have to know how long Bissell covers the product even though he was the one who told me. So why sell me a warranty that is useless??? I thought the vacuum was only covered for 1 year through Bissell.

I will never purchase another warranty through them for another vacuum.

It is a shame because I used to recommend to friends. For handheld devices it is a good idea.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Walmart Product Care Plan Protection Plan.

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They pulled the same thing on me and were more interested in how I disposed of the unit versus prof of the damage. I'm referring this matter to higher authorities


how did you act after not being satisfied with Asurion? and, did you find any solution?

Ashley F

I'm wondering if y'all got any solution yet? I am still fighting with proof of disposal.

It really is pathetic how this company carries their self. Please post if any resolve is found.

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