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I purchased 2- 3yrs Walmart Care Plans when I purchased my Vizio 32 in. LCD Smart Television and my Acer Aspire Desk Top Computer.

First there was the part the power up the computer went bad and the computer I couldn't get it to power up I contacted these people, and they tell me they couldn't service my computer because it was showing in their system as a Laptop Computer. I had to go out and purchase the part myself which voided the warranty. Second the television had a problem showing a picture that you can view without being in a completely dark room like if you are in a theater, and it would get darker till you couldn't see anything. Done two claims since December where by Asurion claim to have fixed the product when in fact they had done nothing.

When I contacted them about it they had another excuse for not fixing it, they claimed it had an insect infestation, they filed a second claim and they told me I needed to get some one to open up the television and have it vacuum out, and the person to give a report of what they found and did to the television. Well! I had one of Walmart's employee to open it, inspected it, and vacuum it out. It had no insects in it at all.

He wrote what he did and what he found, gave his name and phone number for them to call him if they wanted too. Once again Asurion sent me emails claiming to have diagnosed, repaired the product, and it was being shipped back to me, it arrived yesterday nothing had been done, they still claiming insect infestation, to add injury to insult now they are claiming the Warranty was voided when I had someone to open the television, opening of the television was at their request that I have someone open it, inspect it and vacuum it out. today they called me making more excuses talking about I requested for them to call me. I asked her why was she calling me because I have no intention of filing anymore claims for repairs, she insisted I had requested for her to call me which wasn't true.

I had already told them I was sending the emails where they claimed to have repaired my product and hadn't done it at all, I also completed the survey. Walmart sell these Warranty Plans but Asurion isn't taking care of claims as they claim to be doing. This woman at Asurion told me basically I was wrong for getting a Walmart employee to open the product.

I trust this employee to give an opinion, and this person went to school for electronic work. I told her I don't have anymore to talk t her or Walmart about, and want nothing to do with them, and I hung up letting her chatter with herself.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Asurion Cons: Non- caring customer service.

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