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Update by user Nov 07, 2014

I would like to say that Walmart/Asurion has done right by me. I have received an E-Card for the amount that I paid for my All-In-One Acer Computer.

I am very satisfied and happy that they did decide to refund me my money. Even though I still have to purchase my new computer at a Walmart or Sam's Club it's okay.

This computer had lasted me about a year and I think most of the products that are sold by Walmart are okay, just make sure you are buying "New" and not "Refurbished".

Thank you Walmart for refunding me my money.

Update by user Nov 06, 2014

I called Asurion's Customer service # and spoke with "Jackie" @ 3:16 p.m. since I told her I was inquiring about a refund for my computer because I sent it in twice and it was not fixed, she told me I she was transferring me to the correct "Department".

I ended up on an automated line which hung up after it told me that I had to go online and file my claim. I called back @ 3:17 p.m. and who is on the line? "Jackie" again!

I got mad at her and told her I wanted to speak to a person and not to transfer me to an automated line again or will keep calling back, she still transferred me to an automated system and I called back again @ 3:20p.m.. I spoke with a "Justin" who by the way, didn't bother to tell me his name until I asked him. He didn't ask me for any information, not for my service request number, phone#, nor my name! He just asked what I needed help with and I told him and he said that my claim was just turned in to be reviewed yesterday and that I should hear from someone by Monday or Tuesday because they "think" the damages were from shipping!

what a laugh! look at the pictures above, does that look like a shipping damage to you? It would only look like a shipping damage if the computer wasn't shipped in a box !

I don't know what these people are trying to pull, but I am sure glad I have taken all kinds of pictures of my computer before and after I sent it. I think next time I will get my computer from a place that does their own repairs so I don't have to ship my computer out to anyone.

Original review posted by user Nov 03, 2014

My All-In-One Computer crashed. I filed a claim and was sent a box w/instructions to file my claim.

It was fixed in about a week & 1/2! Yeah right. My computer was sent back to me with damages, a different serial number label,(the serial# was correct, but you could tell it was reprinted). And within a week, computer crashed again.

Sent it back again and it came back worse! Both corner of computer are damaged, looks like they pried off the silver rim and the screen right hand corner has a white light streak. My computer is my lively hood as I work from home. I called as soon as I saw all the damages on my computer and was told someone from "Recovery" would call me in 3-5 weeks?

I am so upset right now and all I want is my money back. I paid $699 for this computer and it was in great shape until I sent it to get it fixed.

Why should I have to wait 3-5 weeks for something these people that messed up my computer did? The attached pictures shows all the damages done to my computer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Claim.

Reason of review: Warranty service was very lousy.

Monetary Loss: $699.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I had an issue with a large elliptical machine, I needed service on one of the parts I called Asurion because I had a 3 year warranty which was very economically priced, they had no one n my are to service it so the rep issued a full refund via Walmart gift card within an hour. Needless to say this was exceptional service and I am completely happy with the choice I made to get the extended warranty. Thanks Asurion, keep up the good work!

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