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This whole thing started back in 2007 when we got a Xbox 360 from walmart @ xmas for our kids and got the 2 years Extended Warranty from "WARRANTY LOGISTICS"/ASURION for the gaming system.

It started giving us trouble 6/5/09. We had 3 RED rings but not the RED rings of death, it was sent in for repair. It was repaired and returned on 6/18/09 no problem.

On 03/10/10 our son came to us his screen went green,red,blue "no video". The warranty company had to mail us the ups label as there customer service rep "COULD NOT SPELL CABLE the ending to our email address". We shipped the unit back again after waiting for the snail mail 3/22/10 for the ups label repaired and returned on 4/12/10.

On 10/26/10 our son came in and told his Xbox 360 tray was sticking and not opening, the fans running on high all the time. Sent back for repair 10/29/10 repaired and returned on 11/17/10 no problem.

On 12/09/10 our son again came to us screen had turned blue,green,red then nothing just blank "no video". Sent in again for repair, at this time the customer Service person told us it would be out of warranty before it was returned SO we bought a another 2 Year Extended Warranty on 12/10/10, as we had had no problems up to this point. Ok, no problem, repaired and returned

on 12/24/10.

On 1/8/11 with a new Extended warranty sent back again same Problem green,Red,blue then NO video repaired & returned on 1/24/11.

On 2/18/11 same thing happened again green,red,blue "No video". Again after this Return the Customer server person (yes we have all their names and YES we document EVERYTHING & have the Paper copies to back it up) told us it would be Replaced under the 4 times and your out "LEMON LAW CLAUSE" for the video problem.

During this time Xbox had changed the Styles of the Console and our 120 GIG hard drives would no longer FIT the NEW Xbox 360, however they DID NOT Replace it they sent us a check for the Original Price of the Xbox in 2009. This does NOT COVER THE COST of a new Xbox 360 nor do Any of the 3 120 Gig Hard drives that I had purchased for our kids fit in the new console.

We have called to the Warranty Logistics/Asurion regarding the fact that the check that we had received will not cover the cost to replace the XBOX and the fact that we still have 18 months left on the warranty that we had just purchased for the XBOX that they had sent us a check to replace. The only response that was received from Warranty Logistics/Asurion (and my wife spoke with a supervisor regarding this as well) was that they have fulfilled their contract once they sent us the check for our original purchase price. The warranty that we had just purchased is now null and void and cannot be transferred to another unit.

In our opinion Warranty Logistics/Asurion has taken the easy way out of this situation by only refunding the original purchase price and not replacing the console instead. I do understand that the consoles have been changed by Microsoft and not this company, however the unit should have been replaced with something comparable to the unit that we have lost and not just a check that does not even cover the cost to replace the unit, let alone the 3 120 GiG hard drives that also will now need to be replaced. Our kids have been saving their games for years on these hard drives, and now everything that they have worked for and saved is just gone. How is that right??????

All of this is besides the point that there has been 6 months worth of live gold membership (times 3) lost while Warranty Logistics/Asurion had this unit in for repairs. Per Warranty Logistics/Asurion I needed to contact XBOX for this, per XBOX I needed to contact Warranty Logistics/Asurion about this issue.

This also posted to Warranty Logistics and Asurion.com as well as walmart.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $184.

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Warranty Logistics is a ripoff company. I sent my RCA LED TV in for repair.

The TV worked when I sent it by UPS, the only problem with the TV was there was a group of lines going across the center of the TV that blocked viewing the entire picture screen. When the TV was returned to me, it did not work at all. The reason stated for not repairing the TV was that the LED panel was cracked. My TV screen was not cracked when UPS picked it up and there was a picture and sound.

Logically, the cracked LED panel had to occur while in Warranty Logistics position and Warranty Logistics should be held accountable for not returning the TV to me at least in the same condition that I shipped it to them.

Warranty Logistics is not taking responsibility for not returning a TV that at minimum worked the same way I shipped it to them. What a *** this company is - shame on Walmart for doing business with such a disreputable company!!!


hi, im 17. and Warrenty log.

lost my ipod.. i havent had one for over a month and dude they are just retarded


screen on ipad2 was cracked and sent for repair, it has been over 3 wks and now they are telling me that they can't find ipad. now it's going to take another two more wks to trace it, if not found after those 10 days it will take another week to get a check (that's if they approve it). NEVER, NEVER...will i get this "warranty logistics"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anyone - I mean ANYONE - who speaks positively about this warranty company - works there or works for an affiliate. This is a company that should never be allowed to sale their warranties.

If a company has to be dishonest, disrespectful, and fall back on small text to keep from standing by there product. It should never be sold at a checkout at a retailer.


I would like to add my distaste of this company to the list. I have no complaints with the phone in system, but it did take numerous re-sends to get the UPS label.

Upon return of my product from servicing TWICE (XBOX 360 w/ stuck drive tray) it had the same problem.

I would NEVER recommend ANYONE use this company, just pretend your unit is broke before the Wal-Mart 365 and swap it at the store. Bye Bye WL.


You got your money back! If you want something to whine about, cry about MicroSoft's *** product!


Well Warranty Logistics sucks ***!!! I havesent my PS3 in three times and at that time I payed 499.00 for it....now there like 299.00.After about three times sending it back they asked if we wantd a new one since they couldnt fix the old one,we said o.k.Well we never recieved it.They said "FED EX" dropped it onto my door step!!!

Yeah right we never got it. I asked how come you dont require a signature for this kind of thing,there answer its too small of a package so they dont require that,thats what WARRANTY LOGISTICS said!!! They also told me to file a police report saying it was stollen....what the heck,thats not my job,I have no clue it was stollen.!!!!! They should make a police report against FED EX!!!!!!!

Never again will I trust them!!!!

So I went aherad and filed a small claims with Judge Judy!!!! Just today!!!!


its not just a ps3 i had the same issue with mine and it was an $800 laptop *** warranty logistics!!!!


I am satisfied with their 'claim' process and would use them again if I could tell what products they supported.

well bud you are one out of thousands of people that would use them again i will NEVER use them again and i do my best while at cell phones stores ,walmart ,target and any other place were they try and sell this B.S to inform and stop customer from paying for this got to love my laptop all i do is show then this site and its GAME OVER!!!!!!


Look at it this way, had WLI sent you the new style, you would be in the same situation. With a check, you can go out and purchase the XBOX Arcade Pack with the old style (yes, there are places that still have them in stock - you may have to order it online), and your hard drive(s) will work.

On the other hand, go purchase a hard drive transfer cable and transfer the data from the old style hard drives to the new hard drive.

While the situation is an unfortunate one for all parties involved (except Microsoft for its defective product and unwillingness to support it) it looks like WLI performed reasonably well considering some of the other nightmare reviews I have read with other support/repair companies.

I am satisfied with their 'claim' process and would use them again if I could tell what products they supported.


NOT after a supervisor from the company told us it would be REPLACED and then just sent a check without any notification as the warranty company for Xbox they knew we COULD NOT get the old style any more and took the cheap easy way out


If you had read the terms and conditions of your warranty, you would see the part where it says you may receive a check for the defective and/or broken product. Its your own fault for not reading that part.

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