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I purchased a laptop for my son for Christmas, bought the extended warranty for drop/damage and lo and behold, my son slipped on the stairs while we were on vacation in Florida and cracked the screen. I called Warranty Logistics and told them I am on vacation, can I return it now and then have it shipped to my home?

No problem they said, make sure to fill out the paperwork that comes with the return shipping packaging. I did that, made copies, sent off the laptop with the paperwork filled out specifically stating my HOME address. Well, you guessed it, the same day they received the package, they sent it back out, "Fixed" and where do you think they sent it? To the hotel where we had been staying in Florida, but we were now back home in Washington State, 3,000 some odd miles away.

As soon as I got the email, called and told them the error. Tika at WL told me she got the box out of the send bin and fixed the address label. Whoo, thank God. NOT!!!

It went out anyway. Now, no one knows where the box is, UPS says delivered to door, no signature, nothing. Box gone missing, WL says it may take up to three weeks to get word from UPS, they will file a lost claim and then it may be a few weeks more after that is filed to determine if the box is lost or not. At which time, they may or may not send me a check for the cost of the laptop.

Meantime, my son is without his computer and, had they followed their own instructions, the box would have been delivered to my home address, as was promised, requested and assured. Not going to buy anymore warranties with this company, ever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $400.

  • warranty coverage for Walmart lapt
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I’m not surprised, because I’m having a problem with them. They unfortunately work with paypal.

I sent back a defectuous product and should get the refund of the postage (taken account of paypal’s publicity). I emailed Asurion the postal invoice and the receipt of the post (for the pack I sent back). I filled in the documents they sent me. It took several hours (queueing at the post office, trying to send the postal invoice and the post receipt via email, to Asurion which were “too heavy documents” (for being sent attached to the same email !!!!!) I had to send them separately!!!.

Consequently they did not receive them, and I had to send them several times. Asurion finally got the three documents they needed and acknowledged receipt in writing, saying they would refund me the postage. But now they cannot and suggest I should send (re-send) the documents. No, I won’t do it again.

I therefore stop paying goods via paypal because they work together, and paypal should know how their partner Asurion behave with the customers. Asurion are “too honest”.

It’s pointless discussing with them or sending documents. When you know you’re going to deal with Asurion, you’d better drop window!

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