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I filed a claim with them for my broken i phone. They told to me that I need to download and sign it on the affidavit form and I have to download it from Asurion website.

Unfortunately, I am unable to download that form. Whenever I speak to the customer care people, every time they are giving me an irresponsible answer.

I am still waiting for their response and hopefully, they may able to resolve this issue in a week or two. Asurion people directed me to go to att store and att store people are directed me to talk to Asurion people. What a circus.

Unfortunately, both the Asurion and att customer care people are not friendly at all. They both are just trying to escape from the issue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You are correct Asurion is a crooked company they say one thing and do another. They have no problem collecting your money every month but then when it comes time to cover you they start putting you through the ringer.

For instance I have been an AT&T CUSTOMER for 19 yrs, I have paid thousands in insurance premiums and deductibles to Asurion and they act like they don't even know me. The security check is a farce, they offer a series of addresses. The one that was pertinent I lived at 23 years ago and they list no city and state. An addresses is not an address WITHOUT a city and state.

They throw you that curve to delay the claim and foul you up. Give them your address without a city and state and they will tell you that's not an address. Say one thing and do another just like a typical crooked insurance company, which is what ASURION is.

AT &T needs to drop those losers and get another company to back them OR give us a choice by offering another company to insure are devices. ASURION is giving AT&T A bad reputation and if the CEO isn't seeing that they need to drop him too.

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