Lincoln, Nebraska
Not resolved

When I first called Asurion the woman I talked to on the phone was so incredibly wonderful and helpful. I was more than impressed and assumed my problem would easily be resolved, I couldn't have been more wrong.

Besides the first woman I spoke to, everyone at this company was so incredibly disrespectful and rude I couldn't believe this company was still in business! I even spoke to a top manager and she was no different than the rest. Asurion does NOT value their customers and decides to treat them like absolute garbage, while charging them a fortune. I payed a ridiculous amount of money to have a new phone overnighted to me and it instead took multiple days of anger and frustration and no one at Asurion was willing to help or even cared for that matter.

I spoke to at least six different people over a span of three days and every single one was more rude and disrespectful than the last. I was appalled at the way I was treated by this company. Out of everyone I spoke to, the MANAGER was the most demeaning and disrespectful and it shocks me to know that she is training the people below her like this and letting them know it is okay to treat PAYING customers as if they are worth less than the dirt on your shoe.

Never in my life would I EVER treat anyone how I was treated, or let anyone I know treat anyone like that. This company obviously only sees its customers as dollar signs and it definitely shows.

Reason of review: AWFUL customer service, multiple problems with delivery, processing issue and not as described..

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Asurion Cons: Delivery, Employees disrespectful and awful attitude.

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